Colleen Vlogs

Colleen Vlogs

Hello! My name is Colleen Ballinger and I got popular on AMfilm a decade ago because I created an egotistical, weird character named Miranda Sings. Even though my life basically just consists of baking, mental breakdowns, and playing with toy trucks with my two year old, I film my life every single day for you to enjoy... or make fun of. Your choice. love ya!

I Need Your Help.

I Need Your Help.








  • Helle Vaule Tveit
    Helle Vaule Tveit9 ժամ առաջ

    I want to watch the live show so bad but I can’t cause I’m traveling the whole day tomorrow😭

  • Hai 😐
    Hai 😐9 ժամ առաջ

    6:15 is where I forgot the title of the Netflix show

  • Lila Jassen
    Lila Jassen9 ժամ առաջ

    Erik singing the baby song never fails to make me ceu

  • C.M.
    C.M.9 ժամ առաջ

    Starting the show!!

  • Mathilde Ald
    Mathilde Ald9 ժամ առաջ

    you look soo good with those bangs damn

  • nero !
    nero !9 ժամ առաջ


  • Abby Lenze
    Abby Lenze9 ժամ առաջ

    Did anyone else notice the light in the background go out at 2:32?

  • Beth Buckingham
    Beth Buckingham9 ժամ առաջ

    I heard the babies in you song in the podcast and I absolutely adore it.

  • Roblox Is meh life
    Roblox Is meh life9 ժամ առաջ

    I saw a light turn off randomly

  • 1bzymom. WA
    1bzymom. WA9 ժամ առաջ

    Fast forward to a couple of months from now and she'll be laughing or crying about her thinking her bump was huge at 18 weeks. I think she will be stunned by how large her belly will become 😁

  • E L L I E
    E L L I E9 ժամ առաջ

    Colleen, you, Erik, Kory, and even Flynn maybe are such amazing people! Right after I finish this I’m gonna go onto Netflix and see if Australia has that show! But your such a hard worker, your pregnant with *2 PEOPLE* and your making a live show?!

  • Rachel C
    Rachel C9 ժամ առաջ

    Try a pregnancy belly band! It helps so much with the weight!!!!

  • Katie Male-Riordan
    Katie Male-Riordan9 ժամ առաջ

    Can we all collectively support Erik and Colleen doing a little folky EP together? I’m just going to continue to comment this until it comes true because I LOVE when they sing together. The harmony! And Erik’s song writing! Okay, I’ll calm down now.

  • Christy In The Carolinas
    Christy In The Carolinas9 ժամ առաջ

    Colleen it's time to break out the belly bands! It will help support your belly so much.

  • Flor .M Avila
    Flor .M Avila9 ժամ առաջ

    I am watching it right now!!!! I already love it

  • Coffee Queen
    Coffee Queen9 ժամ առաջ

    You go gurllll

  • Hannah Pearson
    Hannah Pearson9 ժամ առաջ

    Am I the only one thinking of Defying Gravity at 6:13 ?

  • nima
    nima9 ժամ առաջ

    okay daisy sitting in between on the couch with them is the CUTEST freaking thing

  • ayu adame
    ayu adame9 ժամ առաջ

    Colleen, I so want to watch your show, but I can’t buy a ticket... 😭 I hope you release the twin song here in yt for free tho. It would be amazing! Lots of love! ❤️❤️❤️

  • I Love Unicorns
    I Love Unicorns9 ժամ առաջ

    I love being a cartoon character because you can still have you script while your recording (XD). I made a (not really) show with my friend Jayden for a Nickalodeon "Expert Attempters" episode.

  • Vani Khanna
    Vani Khanna9 ժամ առաջ

    Did anyone notice colleen’s washroom light switching off on its own…? Btw congrats on the series queen we love to see it!!

  • Nico Alcock
    Nico Alcock9 ժամ առաջ


  • Syd Chill
    Syd Chill9 ժամ առաջ

    Mmmrrrrr noooot pregnant but have been craving Cheetos and eating them nonstop for like a week n a half now!

  • Madelyn Brice
    Madelyn Brice9 ժամ առաջ

    when i heard the new version of the song you sang in a podcast my heart instantly melted🥺

  • ItsssKarter
    ItsssKarter9 ժամ առաջ

    I know you may not be asking for name suggestions but I think Flora and Forest would be cute names! Especially since Finn starts with a F too!

  •  ♡︎ Arianator ♡︎
    ♡︎ Arianator ♡︎9 ժամ առաջ

    Hi Colleen can you pls tell your friends and poste there reaction to the baby’s genders and include Ariana grande plssssssss 💕😁

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace9 ժամ առաջ

    I love you so queen. You are the sweetest kindest most caring amazing human ever. I could never thank you enough for all you have done for me in my life. You are the best mom ever to the sweetest cutest toddler ever with the biggest personality and twins. Erik is so loving supportive and encouraging. You are the most beautiful person inside and out. You have benefited my life in so many ways and have had such a positive impact on me. Thank you for making me smile daily and bring joy to my world. I truly don’t know the person I would be without you. I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished in your life. There are no words to describe how much you mean to me and how amazing you are. Thank you for being the sunshine in mine and so many others life. Thank you for getting me through tough times and making me so happy. Love you to the moon 🌙 and back. 💜💕❤️💙🌻🍪💛🌵🐢🚗

  • sweetlikegrande
    sweetlikegrande9 ժամ առաջ

    when are you doing more pregnancy videos on your main channel??

  • Haley Anglin
    Haley Anglin9 ժամ առաջ

    You and Erik singing was so sweet I cried ❤️

  • Rachel Allison
    Rachel Allison9 ժամ առաջ

    Erik's song never fails to make me cry 😭😭😭

  • Ashley Argo
    Ashley Argo9 ժամ առաջ

    Get a belly support band lady! You will be so thankful for it! It takes so much weight/pressure off your belly!

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca9 ժամ առաջ

    Wow! How exciting!

  • MH Designs PH
    MH Designs PH9 ժամ առաջ

    can i just say, i feel like we all need a Kory in our lives.

  • Gregory Wall
    Gregory Wall9 ժամ առաջ

    Who else sings along to that cute intro?

  • Tracy Crawford
    Tracy Crawford9 ժամ առաջ

    I think this is the first vlog we didn't get to see Flynn :( Next one we should get mostly Flynn lol

  • Nora Pruitt
    Nora Pruitt9 ժամ առաջ

    is none going to talk about the light turning off?!? 2:31

  • Katy Peterson
    Katy Peterson9 ժամ առաջ

    *posed 27 seconds ago* Me:Dang I’m missing it *realize how obsessed I am* *and am loving it*

  • Annabelle Richer
    Annabelle Richer9 ժամ առաջ


  • Tasia Cross
    Tasia Cross9 ժամ առաջ

    Definitely gonna watch it. Im so excited for the show. Ugh so glad I got to get a ticket this time. I'm so proud of you

  • Cloudy Ava
    Cloudy Ava9 ժամ առաջ

    You and Erik singing together is the cutest thing ive seen 😍

  • Blaise Aspden
    Blaise Aspden9 ժամ առաջ

    “You, you got two babies in you.” I love the updated version so much! Crying with happiness. Love you both xxxxxx

  • luv conan gray
    luv conan gray9 ժամ առաջ

    That song that colleen and eric were singing was so cute 😍😪

  • Angel Lesch
    Angel Lesch9 ժամ առաջ


  • Princess Peyten
    Princess Peyten9 ժամ առաջ

    I think you’re talented and adorable colleen😁😁😁

  • Bellaxaxa ___
    Bellaxaxa ___9 ժամ առաջ

    i am so proud of you

  • BethanyBeaven
    BethanyBeaven9 ժամ առաջ

    Just got my ticket!☺️ can’t wait!

  • Llama Bean
    Llama Bean9 ժամ առաջ

    Colleen when she was pregnant with Flynn: "I'M IN A DISNEY MOVIE!" Colleen while she's pregnant with twins: "I'M IN A NETFLIX CARTOON!"

  • Kayleigh Marcum
    Kayleigh Marcum9 ժամ առաջ

    you and eric sound so good together

  • sweetlikegrande
    sweetlikegrande9 ժամ առաջ

    omg funnnnn love u!

  • nima
    nima9 ժամ առաջ

    colleen, if you are up to it, if you go into the pool with them it will help the feeling of carrying a lot of weight. the water will carry it for you, just be careful when you get out.

  • Thistle Girl
    Thistle Girl9 ժամ առաջ

    Erik: I got champagne! Colleen: I cant have any... Erik: ****!

  • Nico Alcock
    Nico Alcock9 ժամ առաջ

    Flynn is so cute

  • Christina’s Corner
    Christina’s Corner9 ժամ առաջ

    1 877 cars for kids donate your car today

  • Maddy Z
    Maddy Z9 ժամ առաջ

    We have that as a dessert in Spain it’s called “helado con café” they give you a shot of Colombian coffee, vanilla ice cream and a shot of amaretto, you pour the hot espresso over the ice cream and some of the amaretto it’s sooo good! 🤤😍 🍨 🍹 ☕️

  • Kimora Simmons
    Kimora Simmons9 ժամ առաջ


  • Dove Knight
    Dove Knight9 ժամ առաջ

    When you talked about your bump feeling like weights, it reminded me off this tiktok trend of people holding and lifting up their pregnant partner's belly, and it looked really liberating. Maybe you and Erik could try it 😊

  • NOOR Saydain
    NOOR Saydain9 ժամ առաջ

    I love you so much

  • D.J.
    D.J.9 ժամ առաջ

    Is no one gonna talk about how there’s a Twin-O-Meter prop for the live show! And the live show’s tomorrow ahhh! I can’t wait!! 😆

  • JT&Reed
    JT&Reed9 ժամ առաջ

    I think I had my first pelvic floor pain today and WOAH! It HURTS!!! Also, watching y’all sing together bring tears to my pregnant eyes 😭

  • Zoé Dionne
    Zoé Dionne9 ժամ առաջ

    Colleen and Erik singing together is so wholesome

  • Shannon Parten
    Shannon Parten9 ժամ առաջ

    The song 🥺🥺🥺 chills. tears. Beautifully done!

  • Maria Ruiz
    Maria Ruiz9 ժամ առաջ


  • Peanut K
    Peanut K9 ժամ առաջ

    She is the most amazing, cutest, beautiful human ever.

  • Abraham Ab
    Abraham Ab9 ժամ առաջ

    Did anyone notice how the lights in the restroom behind her turned off 2:30 lol scary

  • Madelyn Dixon
    Madelyn Dixon9 ժամ առաջ

    What time is your live show?

  • Mandi Long
    Mandi Long9 ժամ առաջ

    I’m 16 weeks with a boy!!

  • Rogelio Plays
    Rogelio Plays9 ժամ առաջ

    It’s my birthday on July 31 and I’m turning 14 and I want a happy bday!

  • adam mac
    adam mac9 ժամ առաջ

    "All the other talent in it are elite, amazing, and talented.." Oh, awesome! So you fit in perfectly!!

  • Gregory Wall
    Gregory Wall9 ժամ առաջ


  • Anita Fleming
    Anita Fleming9 ժամ առաջ

    Congratulations, Colleen!

  • emily a.
    emily a.9 ժամ առաջ

    ahh so exciting Colleen!! <3

  • Lila Jassen
    Lila Jassen9 ժամ առաջ

    So excited for the live show!!!

  • Christopher Rojas
    Christopher Rojas9 ժամ առաջ


  • Gabriella Soto
    Gabriella Soto9 ժամ առաջ

    Oh my god im so excited to binge watch it 😍

  • Ella M.
    Ella M.9 ժամ առաջ

    Erik finishes singing a song about the twins: I have champagne! Colleen: wtf dude

  • Kim B
    Kim B9 ժամ առաջ

    Good look with your live show tomorrow! I hope you don't end up fainting and/of barfing while you're live ❤️

  • E L L I E
    E L L I E9 ժամ առաջ


  • Addison_ Playz
    Addison_ Playz9 ժամ առաջ

    Is no one gonna talk about the light turning off behind Colleen 2:31

  • Miss Kenzley C.
    Miss Kenzley C.9 ժամ առաջ

    Never been so early!!! So excited for you Colleen!!!!

  • Samantha
    Samantha9 ժամ առաջ

    To help with your stomach, idk if it actually works but I saw pregnant people use this tape stuff on Tiktok that helped relieve bladder pressure and I think that feeling of weights